“There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.”
-- Jill Churchill

Mommy & Me

Gather once a week with other moms of babies or toddlers to share experiences and learn about infant/early childhood development and parenting in a friendly, welcoming space.

The discussions blend neuroscience with practical information, allowing you to make sense of your baby’s/child’s experiences. We also sing songs, play, and mindfully observe the babies/children as they grow, learn, and build relationships with each other and with us.

I present a variety of perspectives while simplifying the information overload that, despite best intentions, makes many new moms feel overwhelmed, confused, and insecure. These groups are a safe place to explore questions and concerns during your sleep-deprived transition to motherhood. You’ll gain confidence and deepen your connection with your baby/child while making friends that often last for years to come.

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Moms 40+

These discussion groups for first-time moms over 40 meet one evening a month. We share a lot of laughter, and sometimes tears, as we munch on sweet and savory snacks while discussing topics of interest to older, wiser, first-time moms. A down-to-earth bunch, moms come for the warmth of connection and friendship as much as for the thoughtful discussions about life and parenting. Participating moms have children born from 2007 to present.

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